Texas LRGV Crops: First Cotton Bolls; Insects Picking Up Speed

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    This week we have seen some rain showers here and there. Some rain is forecast for next week as well. 

    The rain will help out those cotton growers having trouble keeping up with irrigating their fields but as for the dryland growers unfortunately it’s a little too late. Either way any rain is good whether it’s on time or late it’s always good. Even though the heat feels more intense this year we are behind on our heat units compared to last year.


    This week we did see some of the first open bolls in dryland cotton in Willacy County in the Raymondville area and also out in North Edinburg and the Hargil areas.

    Whiteflies, tarnished plantbugs, and Verde bugs have been increasing. I have been seeing whiteflies everywhere, especially coming out of an irrigation seeing heavy whitefly populations with black sooty mold forming fast mainly in Hidalgo and Cameron counties.

    I am picking up on tarnished plantbugs more along the river and coming across cotton fields with both tarnished plantbugs and whiteflies so will be treating for a combination of pests. In the Rio Hondo area Verde bugs have certainly increased this week rapidly as we saw not only adults but more nymphs this week so please treat accordingly.

    There are a lot of small and medium sized bolls yet on majority of all cotton across all 3 counties so we are going to want to be diligent in taking care of plantbugs feeding on them in order to protect yield. Also we have come across some boll worm damage in a handful of fields, nothing too alarming but it’s there. So please if you are seeing bollworms in your cotton fields please do not hesitate to call me so we can access the situation 956-968-5581.

    Grain Sorghum

    Harvesting started this week in grain sorghum for a lot of growers. I am seeing handful of fields with high sugarcane aphid populations that are creating a sticky situation that might cause combines to breakdown. Please check your sorghum fields prior to harvest and see if you may need to apply Transform with your glyphosate in order to clean it up to avoid any problems. Sesame


    Sesame in the McCook area was maturing and drying out quickly. In the Combs area we were picking up on some mirids but nothing that warranted treatment.

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