Virginia Cotton: Better Prioritize – This Crop Is Taking Off

Photo: Larry Stalcup, AgFax Southwest Cotton

As you ride around the countryside in our region, it is amazing how the crops have responded to the recent rainfall, particularly in the fields that have good fertility.

Top priorities for cotton now are to get the early planted cotton laid by with both nitrogen and herbicides. Remember: this cotton will be blooming in a couple of weeks.

Many fields have that nice uniform growth that gives us the opportunity to mix Pix in with some of the herbicides for cotton that is pushing 20 inches or more.

With good soil moisture, you can even add a few ounces of Pix on some 14- to 16-inch cotton that is growing fast. There can be some concerns about Pixing smaller cotton, even with good moisture. If the field has not gotten enough nitogen, then Pix can be the wrong thing.

It is also a dilemma to mix Pix and Roundup on uneven fields, particularly when the small cotton is on the light land. However, this year this seems more like the exception to the rule as a lot of stands are pretty uniform and this oldest cotton is growing an inch a day.

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So, I expect a lot of it to be in the 24-inch stage next week.

At the other extreme, we have late planted cotton that needs a shot of Orthene and the first weed control trip. These later fields will not be at layby until well after the Fourth of July.

One of the advantages of an extended planting period is that the work load is also spread out.

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