Rice: Planting Wrapping Up, Emergence Still Behind in Delta

Young rice, pre-flood. ©Debra L Ferguson Stock Photography


The Texas Gulf Coast rice crop is pushing 98% planted with 97% emerged at this time, with most of the acres left to plant being organic. A majority of the organic acres have been planted this past week, and the remaining fields should go in soon. A lot of the earlier fields have been treated with herbicide, fertilized, and flooded in the past week, and water is being pushed across the rest of the crop as fast as it will flow.

Warmer night time temperatures and the sunshine have the crop growing good and off to a great start.

Derrol Grymes


Warm dry weather has the Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana rice crop moving quickly and recovering from cool weather and application stresses. Early planted rice has gone to flood with about a 1/3 of the crop remaining to flood. 98% of the crop is planted and emerged with only a few outliers remaining to be planted. Rice flooded within the last couple of weeks is beginning to canopy and is approaching green ring soon.

As we approach middle of May, we are 98% planted, 95% emerged in South Louisiana. About two-thirds of our rice, is either in or going into permanent flood. The remaining few acres left to be planted are crawfish production fields which should go in the ground sometime this month.

With no rain over the past several weeks and warm temperatures, we are starting to see small amounts of drought-stressed rice. But all in all, crops are looking much better since the cool spells and has grown out of those conditions.

As we move through south central Louisiana, 60% of the rice is at permanent flood in this part of the state. What a difference a little warm weather makes as this crop is finely kicking into high gear. Northeast Louisiana is at an estimated 99% planted. Row rice continues to shine in this part of the state, with RiceTec hybrids a perfect fit.

Mike Worthington, Nicky Miller, Craig Hamm, Matt Laird

Texas/Louisiana Regional RiceTec Field Day – Mowata, Louisiana

Please join us June 21 at 9:00 AM at the Hundley Farm in Mowata, Louisiana. You will see our new FullPage Hybrid, along with our current and newer Clearfield Hybrids. Lunch will be served and door prizes drawn!


Dry weather over the last two weeks has planting nearing the finish line with most growers wrapping up over the next few days. A lot of this latest planted rice is going to need a rain or will have to be flushed to get emergence this coming week. The crop has responded well to the warmer temps and is progressing quickly.

Many growers are flushing in herbicides and starter fertilizer and that will continue into next week. Some of our earliest rice should be taken to flood next week as well. One of our RFYTs has emerged and looks very good in Merigold, MS and the other two in Tunica County should be emerging over the next few days.

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Tremendous strides have been made in south Arkansas over the last week in getting this year’s crop planted. A large number of acres will have to be flushed for emergence due to the quick drying of the soil from windy conditions and ample sunshine.

No rainfall is in the forecast until the first of next week so this should allow for most of the remaining acres to be planted. Some of the earliest planted fields should be ready for a permanent flood in the next 10 days or so.

On the Grand Prairie, planting is quickly wrapping up with the exception of a few guys waiting to get some low ground dried out. The latest planted rice is emerging in 5 or 6 days. The earlier planted rice is growing rapidly with the heat and sunshine this week and is looking very good. Rain would be welcomed in most places as many growers are flushing fields to keep herbicides activated and rice growing.

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What a difference a week makes! We are 95% planted and roughly 50% emerged on rice in the Central North Central part of the state. Some stands are thin due to the early wet, cold weather and growers are now applying an early application of Ammonia Sulfate or DAP to enhance tillering. Remember to keep the water level shallow on these fields to allow these plants to continue to tiller farther into the growing season.

The wind and higher temperatures have dried the soil quickly requiring growers to flush fields in order to get adequate stands and activate soil applied herbicides. Everyone’s attention has turned to herbicide options and how to best achieve control in these windy conditions. Hopefully applicators will find the conditions needed to complete these applications.

We completed the last RFYT (plot) today for our region. This year has been a struggle for everyone and we are glad to see rice planting season draw closer to the end. Thank you to all of the cooperators who work with us on our plots.

If you have questions or are needing additional seed to complete this year’s planting season, give your local RiceTec representative a call. You can find your local DSM contact information on our website. Thank you for your business.

Jeff Branson, Matt Snow, Whitney Jones, Garrison Hardke, Rob Dixon, Kurt Johns 

Northeast Arkansas & Missouri

The weather has been favorable the past few days to finish out the rice crop in Missouri and Northeast Arkansas. Most growers will likely finish planting by the end of the week or early next week. The rice which was planted before the last rain event is already emerged and is looking great. Overall, the rice crop in our area is off to a great start.

RFYT progress in our region is coming along nicely as all trials have been planted and most are emerged now. The Full Page demos in our area have also been planted and all are emerged or nearly emerged. There has been minimal replanting occurring in the area, mainly due to excessive water standing or isolated bird damage. Residual herbicide activation has been excellent this year and most fields are clean as we head towards permanent flood, which will occur at the end of the month for the earliest planted rice.

Hunter Jones, Nick Ragsdell, Whitney Blake

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