Rice Planting: Louisiana and Texas Close to Wrap Up

March 30, 2018 Report


Derrol Grymes

With extended dry conditions in the Texas Gulf Coast for the past several weeks, we are pushing 75% of our rice acres planted with approximately 30% emerged across the area. With a high chance of rain this Wednesday and Thursday, most of the drills were parked waiting to see how much rain if any we would receive. We did receive 2 plus inches in the majority of the area so this should provide enough soil moisture for the majority of the remaining acres to be planted within the next week. A large percentage of the earlier planted rice was flushed prior to this rain, and the remainder received the flushing it needed the last couple of days from rain.


Mike Worthington, Nicky Miller, Craig Hamm, Matt Laird

South Louisiana is at least 75% planted and about 10% emerged, with some growers completely finished. Growers have been running feverishly planting, working the ground, and applying inputs. Many farmers are flying on their seed in conjunction with drilling to get their acres covered. Mid-March planted rice has been coming up this week and first shots of Newpath are being applied. Windy conditions this week have delayed broadcast seeding and chemical applications. Much of the region received a 2” rain this week that will help get rice up and give equipment a rest. The rain should set south Louisiana up for an excellent start to the 2018 season.


Jay Burchfield

Planting has begun, but has mainly been localized to the central and south Delta areas. Rainfall of 2 to 4 ½” fell across the area Wednesday which will stop planters until early next week. Although it is a long way off, more rain is in the forecast for the middle to later part of next week.


Jeff Branson, Matt Snow, Whitney Jones, Garrison Hardke, Rob Dixon, Kurt Johns 

A handful of growers have been planting since Thursday of last week on the Grand Prairie, and were able to run for a good 5-6 days. Rain moved through the area Wednesday dropping 2-4” over most of the area. With cooler temperatures forecast for early next week, emergence will be slow to come. In South Arkansas, planters have been running steady since early last week, but 3-4” of rain has everyone stopped. Without any more precipitation, growers should be able to start back early next week.

Conditions continue to be less than ideal for rice planting moving North into Central Arkansas. We have a few growers that have made progress with planting but most are waiting until warmer, drier weather sets in. We expect planting to be delayed for a week due to current wet conditions. We continue to make ourselves available for drill calibration, and also any additional seed need requests.

Northeast Arkansas & Missouri

Hunter Jones, Nick Ragsdell, Whitney Blake

Planting has started on a very limited basis across the Region over the last few days only to be slowed by the recent rainfall. Before the rain a few growers were planting a little medium grain in places while others were taking advantage of the dry weather to finish up field prep. Most field prep has been complete and planting will get kicked off at a fast pace when we dry out over the next week or so. Most growers have held off planting due to low soil temperatures.

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