Peanuts: Argentina’s Crop Taking A Hit From Drought, Heat

Agronomists in the field report that a lack of recent rainfall, combined with a heat wave throughout central Argentina, has pushed at least part of the peanut crop into moisture stress – enough to raise concerns about negative effects on yield potential.

This has been pronounced enough that plants in many areas have not lapped the middles. Our feeling is that peanuts under the highest amount of stress have suffered a degree of irreversible yield loss.

To date (February 12) some production areas still do hold adequate moisture. Plants appear to have normal vegetative growth, with acceptable to good production potential.

In stressed areas, though, yield potential lessens every day without rain, and forecasts do not indicate rain in the immediate future.

At this point, it would be difficult to estimate Argentina’s potential crop. If significant rain fails to develop within the next 15 to 20 days, we can expect additional declines in productivity.

At best, the situation for this crop is very critical and uneven.

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