South Carolina Wheat: Time for Tiller Counts in the Pee Dee

We have a decent looking wheat crop right now.  With the forecast looking a little warmer over the next 10 days, now is a good time to do some tiller counts.


We should be seeing at least 50 tillers per square foot.  If we are under that, we may want to split our remaining N into two applications.  If over 50, we can apply the remaining N in one shot later in February to make sure it’s all out by the time jointing starts.


Plant with 3 tillers.

On a 7.5″ spacing, count the number of tillers in 19″ of row (7.5 x 19 = 144 square inches or 1 square foot).  Count a few different areas of the field to come up with an average tiller count.  The field pictured above was just over 50, so it will have its remaining N put out in one shot in a few weeks.

Take a look at the “Fertility” and “Tiller Counts” sections of the Wheat Cheat Sheet for more info.

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