Soybeans: Farmer Sets New Nebraska Yield Record, Credits Strong Start

Jimmy Frederick in Rulo, Nebraska, set a new state soybean yield record by making 163.9 bushels per acre this season, only a few bushels shy of beating the world record of 171 bushels.

The new Nebraska soybean yield record holder gives credit to the first pass in the field with the planter for setting the stage for a successful harvest.

“Our harvest has greatly improved from past years when I had a hard time getting over 100 bushels per acre,” says Frederick. “I have recognized that the most important part of the season is planting time. When that goes correctly, you will have to deal with a lot fewer problems down the road.”

Frederick credits his success to a combination of products and technologies used at planting, especially the FurrowJet fertilizer attachment from Precision Planting, to precisely apply the correct combination of Biovante fertility and biological products designed to enhance growth and restore balance to the crop environment.

FurrowJet attaches to the individual row units and places fertilizer in the furrow, angling downward to ensure coverage along both sides of the seed in a dual band. Frederick explains that this ability to apply Biovante biologicals and plant food next to each seed was crucial in achieving his record crop.

“FurrowJet is great for running multiple fertilizers and helping the placement of the fertilizers so as not to damage the seed,” says Frederick. “In the long run, it reduced the normal number of passes I had to make across the field, which saved me time and money. You can get great yield improvements from using the Precision Planting products, but you still have to manage the seed, soil and plant health with Biovante products in a variable-rate method to make it successful, and Precision Planting technologies allowed me to do that.”

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Fredrick says that the use of Biovante products was a holistic approach that led to improved nutrient efficiencies and reduced disease pressure while helping him maximize the genetic potential of the crop, resulting in higher pod counts and yield.

He also used the Precision Planting vSet meter and DeltaForce for attaining correct seed spacing and down force control. Frederick planted at a lower population rate than usual (100,000 seeds per acre) and increased spacing between seeds to prevent plants from robbing each other of nutrients.

The combination of planter technologies and fertility and biological products helped him manage input costs, getting the crop off to a better start to push yields higher. Frederick worked with his Precision Planting dealer and Biovante retailer to design a plan for the 2017 season. With their combined knowledge and products, Frederick was able to achieve a Nebraska state record of 163.9 bushels, which the Nebraska Soybean Board confirmed in November.

“The first pass in the field sets the stage for the crop,” said Mitch Ostgren, regional manager with Precision Planting. “To set a state yield record, Mr. Frederick planted the right variety and used the right combination of Biovante products and made sure all were placed properly to get his crop off to a record-setting pace this season.”

As for next year, Frederick says he plans to use the same strategy and combination of products on his commercial acres to drive yield potential upward.

“I’d be lost without these technologies,” he says. “No one thing can make miracles, but if I make the right decisions and use the same tools that I did with this plot, I should be able to achieve impressive results on all my fields.”

He declined to specify which variety he planted in the contest plot except to say that it was a Roundup Ready 2 Xtend soybean sold in Nebraska.

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