AgFax Weekend: Jan 1, 2018 – Fertilizer Movin’ on Up; Fav Farm Video; Glyphosate Formulations

🕔Dec 29, 2017Year round weekly new edition from AgFax Media features the top ag news of the week.

My Favorite Ag Video Of 2017 – Commentary

🕔Dec 29, 2017I didn’t want the year to end without sharing my favorite ag video of 2017. It was shot via drone and produced by Nate and Laura Thompson. It shows an entire soybean […]

DTN Cotton Close: Futures Mixed as New Year’s Holiday Weekend Begins

🕔Dec 29, 2017Spot futures gained 11.3% for the year. Slowed U.S. weekly export sales still left 2017-18 commitments up 2.441 million RB from a year ago. Shipments hit crop year high. U.S. […]

Water Conservation: USDA Efforts Reflect Regional Differences

🕔Dec 29, 2017Irrigated agriculture in the United States comes in many forms: Nebraska’s center-pivot-sprinkler-irrigated corn and soybean, California’s drip-irrigated orchards, Arkansas’s flood-irrigated rice, Florida’s furrow-irrigated sugarcane, Massachusetts’ cranberry bogs, and Montana’s movable-sprinkler-irrigated […]

Rose on Cotton: 10 Consecutive Weekly Wins…Wow

🕔Dec 29, 2017Cotton bulls closed out 2017 with 10 consecutive weekly wins, the most recent a 76 point gain.  ICE Mar futures gained 582 points in Dec and, on a rolling front […]

DTN Grain Close: 2017 Ends With a Whimper

🕔Dec 29, 2017Should old price acquaintances be forgot in 2017? U.S. corn and winter wheat growers will shout “yes” as those prices offered slim opportunities for producers in 2017 and ended near […]

Dossett On Rice: Pricing Opportunity Possible, Even With More Acres In 2018

🕔Dec 29, 2017Cash Markets Rice prices in India have rallied again after remaining quiet for 2 weeks. We know that India is having major problems with their wheat and cotton crops, and […]

Minnesota: Winter Nutrient Management Considerations – Podcast

🕔Dec 29, 2017On this episode of the podcast, Dan Kaiser, Jeff Vetsch, Fabian Fernandez and Brad Carlson talk about managing nutrients as we head into winter. We’re talking fall urea, tile flow, […]

DTN Livestock Midday: Buyer Support Develops As Day Progresses

🕔Dec 29, 2017Moderate price support has trickled into the livestock complex following lackluster early trade Friday morning. The overall tone of the market remains firm, although the attention of traders is set […]

California Pistachios: Dormancy Studies – Fuzzy Findings

🕔Dec 29, 2017Tests continue using winter-applied kaolin clay or calcium carbonate-based materials to either reflect solar radiation or diffuse as a way to improve dormancy. Results from David Doll, UCCE Farm Advisor, […]

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