Digital Currency: 4 Points to Keep in Mind About Bitcoin – DTN

🕔Nov 29, 2017I have long thought the best DTN articles start conversations among us. DTN Contributing Analyst Elaine Kub lived up to that tradition a few weeks ago when she explained how […]

Texas Cotton: Why Were Bollworms Such a Problem This Year?

🕔Nov 29, 2017It is no secret that weeds have been the problem of note that local producers have been focusing control efforts upon during recent growing seasons, particularly in cotton.  That made it […]

What’s the Real Deal with Soybean Cyst Nematodes and Cover Crops?

🕔Nov 29, 2017The number of acres planted to cover crops annually has been steadily increasing in recent years throughout the United States. Meanwhile, the soybean cyst nematode (SCN) continues to sit atop […]

DTN Grain Close: One Last Bloody Mary for the Road

🕔Nov 29, 2017As Wednesday came to a close, the commodity complex showed a good deal of red, with just enough green for garnish, again resembling a Bloody Mary. Grain and oilseeds were […]

Texas Pecans: Demand Remains Good with Light Deliveries

🕔Nov 29, 2017Deliveries by growers to delivery points of Improved varieties were light. Demand was good for good quality pecans. Harvesting is expected to remain about steady this week, and to increase […]

Oklahoma Pecans: Harvest Active, Buyers Extremely Cautious

🕔Nov 29, 2017Pecan harvesting is active statewide with dry weather and mostly average to above average temperatures facilitating harvest. Marketing mostly moderate in northern counties, moderate to active in southern and central […]

Louisiana Pecans: Very Light Deliveries, Prices Steady

🕔Nov 29, 2017Growers are busy accumulating pecans and preparing them for market. Very light deliveries this week. The market is about steady. Most of the sales are sold as retail off the […]

Georgia Pecans: Deliveries Light, Prices Lower

🕔Nov 29, 2017Deliveries were light and the market is lower. Interest from the commercial shellers and accumulators for domestic trading has slowed as well as interest from the export market; while retail […]

Peanut Stocks: Utilization Up 3%, 4.7 Bln Pounds in Storage

🕔Nov 29, 2017Peanut stocks reported in commercial storage on October 31, 2017 totaled 4.69 billion pounds of equivalent farmer stock, compared with 4.16 billion pounds a year ago. This total includes 4.08 […]

DTN Livestock Midday: Futures Maintain Mixed Price Shifts

🕔Nov 29, 2017Lack of follow through buyer support during the morning Wednesday has led to additional price direction through the complex. This may bring additional volatility to the entire complex over the […]

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