Georgia Pecans: Market Remains Unsettled with Light Deliveries

Deliveries were light and the market is still unsettled today. Activity for commercial shellers and accumulators for the domestic market is slow to moderate as they wait for the market to settle or purchase from other production sources.

Export sales is moderate to active, and the retail gift-pack businesses are active. Some export purchases have been delayed being shipped due to a shortage of containers available when needed and some coolers are full and could not take in any more pecans this past week.

Weather conditions for this week in South and Central Georgia calls for evening temps in the low 40s to mid 50s and daytime temps in the high 60s to low 70s. In the Northern areas of the state the forecast is daytime temps in the low to high 50s and evening and morning temps in the high 30s to low 40s. Rain is expected today and the rest of the week has a chance of rain at 20-40 percent for the state.

Some lots are reported to have some black rot showing on the edges and some green pecans are showing signs of sprouting. It appears to have affected the Cape Fear variety the most causing a wide range in pricing. Some weevil damage has been reported in some other production areas.

Sumner, Elliotts, Stuarts and Desirables were expected to hit the market this week. Growers have decided to take the extra time to work in the orchards before the rain hits hard again. Some lots that were offered did not sell as price negotiations were not agreed upon and growers have decided to wait until the market settles.

Deliveries of small lots of Blends under 20,000 pounds with 52-55% meat yield sold in a range of about $4.20-4.30 per point. Other deliveries of Blends including large lots were insufficient to establish market prices or had information incomplete to be able to report.

Prices paid to growers (late afternoon November 7, through late afternoon November 9, 2017) at buyers delivery point or F.O.B. the orchard including direct sales to end users, cents per pound in-shell of generally good quality in lots of 20,000 pounds or less unless otherwise stated.

  • Cape Fear (deliveries very light) export quality 49-51% meat yield 240-265 mostly 250 yard tree lots insufficient to establish market
  • Desirables (deliveries moderate) 50-52% meat yield 275-285 yard tree lots 150-220 mostly 175-200
  • Elliott (deliveries very light) 51-52% meat yield 180-230 yard tree lots 125-175
  • Moneymakers (deliveries very light) yard tree lots 100-140 mostly 125
  • Schley (deliveries very light) 52-55% meat yield 200-237 yard tree lots 150-180 fair quality low as 125
  • Seedlings (deliveries very light) 43% meat yield 150 yard tree lots 100-130 fair quality 80
  • Stuarts (deliveries very light) 46-48% meat yield 175-200 yard tree lots 100-150 mostly 100-125 few higher

Lots in excess of 20,000 pounds including trailer loads:

  • Cape Fear (deliveries very light) export quality 49-51% meat yield 240-276 mostly 250-265
  • Desirables (deliveries light) export quality 50% or better meat yield 295-300 50-52% meat yield 275-285
  • Elliott (deliveries very light) 51-52% meat yield or better 200-230
  • Stuarts (deliveries very light) export quality 45-46% meat yield 270-280 47% meat yield 260 42.5% meat yield or better (nut count low 70s) 190



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