Alabama: Precision Planter Clinic, Shorter, Nov. 30

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Alabama Extension is set to host a precision planter clinic Nov. 30 at the E.V. Smith Research Center Conference Facility in Shorter. The clinic will begin at 8 a.m. and last until 2 p.m.

Dr. Brenda Ortiz, an Alabama Extension precision agriculture specialist, said that this clinic will assist farmers in keeping up with modern planting technologies.

“The adoption of planting technology and also the use of the data collected from controllers is becoming more important as producers try to increase crop production to meet the food demand,” said Ortiz. “New planting technology allows control of seeding depth and spacing which results on uniform germination and reduce the occurrence of doubles, triples or also skips. In addition, farmers now can plant different seeding rates in a field and also plant two different varieties.”

Guest Speakers

One of the guest speakers at the planter clinic will be Dr. Rouverson Pereira da Silva from Sao Paulo State University in Brazil. Dr. Pereira da Silva is an agricultural engineer who works in farm machinery with applications in precision agriculture.

There will be several demonstrations as well as speakers and companies at the event to present information on a range of topics such as:

  • Development of a Smartphone App for Estimating Peanut Harvesting Losses.
  • Planter Calibration
  • Planting Depth Control
  • Differences Between Electric Drive and Hydraulic Drive
  • Varying Plant Population and also Multi-hybrid Planting
  • Results from on-farm variable rate seeding and also multi-hybrid planting trials in Alabama

Half of the workshop will include demonstrations of some of the current precision planting technologies offered by private industry. Participants will rotate through a series of demonstrations conducted by companies such as SunSouth, TriGreen, Ag Leader, Vantage South.

Registration for the free clinic is required to be able to provide lunch. There is a limit of 150 participants for the clinic. To register for the clinic, visit here.

For more information, visit the Alabama Extension Precision Agriculture page or also contact Dr. Ortiz at 334-844-5534 or at

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