California Grapes: New Weather Models Forecast ETo And Mildews

CustomWeather, Inc., a premier, which provides high-resolution weather data and alert services, announced that it has released a group of weather models for the grape industry. The new models cover evapotranspiration (ETo) and also forecast powdery mildew and downy mildew forecasts.

The ET0 model is available as a plugin on the CustomWeather Cloud Weather Service (CWS). The ETo plug-in works globally with multiple weather models to produce ETo at the native resolution of the models.

Like other CWS products, the ETo can be output as gridded netCDF data or point data in XML, CSV or JSON formats. At a more technical level of detail, CustomWeather utilizes the CIMIS equation for ETO, a version of the Modified Penman Equation with a wind function developed at the University of California-Davis.

ETo data is available in hourly, every 3-hour or daily increments, depending on the particular model. The ETo is currently available as a forecast product but it can be run on past data as well.

The mildew models rely on past and future weather conditions that are sourced from local weather station reports and CustomWeather’s proprietary high resolution forecast model to produce values. The mildew indices are currently available as a point product for specific agricultural growing areas and can be applied to growing areas around the world.

Here’s more information on the new products.

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