RiceTec Kicks Off 2018 Sales, Advises Some Potential Short Supplies

©Debra L Ferguson Stock Photography

RiceTec rice seed officially went on sale this week for the 2018 season and the company advised that inventories for certain hybrids will be tight, despite an increase in supplies. RiceTec also announced the return of volume discounts and loyalty programs for customers. 

“We were able to increase seed supplies for 2018, but with a forecasted increase of rice acres and two years of unmet seed demand, supplies will still be tight, particularly on some of the most popular hybrids, such as the newest releases RT7311 CL and Gemini 214 CL,” reported Van McNeely, RiceTec’s sales director.

RiceTec will offer customer loyalty rebates for the full-season, meaning it applies to fall and spring seed purchases. Customers must register by February 15, 2018. To qualify for the loyalty rebate, growers have to plant 90% of their long-grain acres with RiceTec hybrids and submit their 2018 FSA-578 form by August 1, 2018.

Growers also have the potential to earn up to a 5% discount by reaching the maximum volume discount of more than 700 units. Purchases between 200 and 699 units are still eligible for discounts from 1.5% to 3% and fall purchases are encouraged to ensure availability, the company noted.

RiceTec designed its 2017 replant policy to provide customers a replant credit in the event a customer does not get an adequate initial stand on RiceTec acreage. Customers will be offered a 50% replant opportunity on any RiceTec rice seed under specific conditions detailed by a RiceTec representative or listed on this website.

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