Georgia: Pest Manager Training, St. Simons Island, Nov. 3

    Certified pesticide applicators, arborists and others can enjoy the beach and earn recertification credits at the Pest Manager Training  planned for Fri, Nov 3 at the St Simons Island Casino.

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    Attendees can earn many types of recertification credits – GA, FL and SC Pesticide Applicator, ISA Arborist CEUs, Society of American Forester CFEs and Certified Crop Advisor CEUs.

    Register online, see an agenda or find more information here. Register early and save! The registration fee is $69 until Thursday, October 26 and $75 afterwards.

    Another reason to register early is that this class fills up every year. Do not miss this opportunity!

    The Pest Manager Training is organized by Willie Chance who is retired from the UGA College of Agriculture and has more than 30 years of experience in teaching and training. You can reach Willie at or (478) 972-9981.

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