Virginia Field Reports: Corn Harvest Makes Steady Progress, Peanut Digging Begins

    Crop Progress and Condition for the Week Ending September 24, 2017.

    REPORTER COMMENTS BY COUNTY – Comments are based on remarks made by extension agents, farmers, commodity specialists, and other knowledgeable individuals.


    ROCKINGHAM (Doug Horn) Hot and dry. Plants are drying down quickly. Very little regrowth on pasture and hay fields.

    CLARKE/PAGE/SHENANDOAH (Bobby Clark) Very dry.


    ROCKBRIDGE (Thomas Stanley) Dry and unseasonably warm weather conditions further depleted soil moisture levels. Pasture growth is now being dramatically curtailed, disrupting plans of some farmers to stockpile grazing for winter. Corn and soybeans are drying down rapidly, but grain harvest has yet to get started.

    HIGHLAND (Paxton Grant) Lack of appreciable rainfall in past few weeks has made conditions dry, but favorable for continued haymaking and other crop harvest. However, lower water levels are noticeable in some waterways and ponds. A few livestock producers are also hauling water to livestock.


    AMELIA (Laura Siegle) Soybeans in some fields are getting close to dropping their first leaves; most are still all green and filling pods. Corn harvest is still underway.

    CHESTERFIELD/GOOCHLAND (Charlotte Maxwell) We have been very dry this month. Corn is continuing to be harvested and the leaves of most soy fields are starting to yellow.

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    BRUNSWICK (Cynthia Gregg) Flue cured tobacco is being harvested, cured, baled, and transported to receiving stations. Many tobacco fields are being prepared from small grain planting. Last cuttings of hay are being cut, raked, and baled.

    PRINCE GEORGE (Scott Reiter) A clear and dry week across the county. Corn harvest made steady progress. A lot of hay was cut and baled with decent yields from the August rains. Early maturity soybeans are dropping leaves and yellowing. Peanut digging got started over the weekend. Some early cotton was treated with defoliant. Pumpkins and sweet potatoes are showing up on farm stands. Fall harvest season is cranking up!!

    GREENSVILLE (Sara Rutherford) Observed high weed pressure in handful of small cotton fields this week. Most of these fields were planted late, allowing for weeds to jump start.

    CHESAPEAKE CITY (Watson Lawrence Jr.) Good week for cutting and harvesting hay. Dry clear skies. Most of corn harvest is finishing up. Farmers are starting to mow corn stalks and fall tillage is needed to remove tire ruts in fields. Strawberry plasticulture planting season is about to begin.

    General Comments

    Days suitable for fieldwork were 6.9. Weather conditions were hot and dry; crops are drying down quickly, pastures are showing little growth, and some producers are hauling water to livestock. Farming activities for the week included planting barley and wheat, making hay, harvesting apples, tobacco, peanuts, corn for grain, and corn for silage. The fall harvest season has begun.

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