Rice Herbicide: Dow’s Loyant with Rinskor Approved by EPA

©Debra L Ferguson Stock Photography

Loyant with Rinskor is a new rice herbicide from Dow AgroSciences that offers broad-spectrum weed management options and the ability to control resistance. Loyant has gained EPA registration.

The product will control multiple species of grasses, broadleaves and sedges in the field and will “change the way we consult and farm rice in the Midsouth,” says Ashley Peters, a rice consultant based in northeast Louisiana

Specifically, Loyant will offer a base to control weeds with resistance to a wide range of herbicide groups, including ALS, ACCase, glyphosate, propanil and quinclorac. The weed spectrum covers barnyardgrass and sedges, among others.

Hunter and Drew Carter, Arkansas rice producers, deal with multiple weed species, including resistant barnyardgrass and sedges, and they used Loyant before it was commercially available.

“You name it, and we’ve sprayed it,” Hunter Carter says. “We have such high levels of resistance, that I know the result of untreated weeds, and that’s crop failure.”

“It worked wonderfully,” he says. “It provided us complete control of the barnyardgrass and sedges that were present in the field.

“We can control the resistant grasses, but we have to use three different chemicals,” he says. “With Loyant, we only need one.”

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