Arkansas Field Reports: Corn Harvest Nearly Finished, Soybeans Taking Off

    Soybean harvest. ©Debra L Ferguson Stock Photography

    Crop Progress and Condition for the Week Ending September 24, 2017.

    Comments from Cooperative Extension Service County Agents

    J. Joe Moore, Sharp County 
    “Extremely dry conditions continued to slow the planting of cool season forages. Some farmers were still battling fall armyworms. Cattle producers sprayed for flies.”

    Dave Freeze, Greene County 
    “Dry, dry, dry! We need rain for ranchers and wheat planting. Last week, corn harvest was wrapping up with rice not far behind. With hot, dry weather, soybeans and cotton raced to maturity. Some farmers started harvesting soybeans, and most of our cotton acres were being defoliated. The dry weather has also allowed for a good start on the 2018 field crop preparation.”

    Mike Andrews, Randolph County 
    “With dry conditions farmers made excellent progress in harvesting crops. Yields were average to above average for most fields. Damage to lower ends of fields due to earlier flooding kept some yields from being higher than average. Peanuts will start to be dug next week.”

    Brent Griffin, Prairie County 
    “Farmers continued rapid harvest for corn, soybeans, and rice. Redbanded stink bug populations were building in soybeans.”

    Glenda Sutherlin, Union County
    “Dry conditions set in last week, and temperatures were above normal for fall. Early sprouted cool season forages will be in trouble if we don’t get some rainfall.”

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    General Comments

    According to the National Agricultural Statistics Service in Arkansas, there were 6.8 days suitable for fieldwork for the week ending Sunday, September 24, 2017. Topsoil moisture supplies were 11 percent very short, 46 percent short, 42 percent adequate, and 1 percent surplus. Subsoil moisture supplies were 11 percent very short, 38 percent short, 45 percent adequate, and 6 percent surplus.

    Low temperatures ranged from 61.4 degrees Fahrenheit at Ashdown to 71.7 degrees Fahrenheit at Pine Bluff. Highs ranged from 82.7 degrees Fahrenheit at Kingston to 94.3 degrees Fahrenheit at Subiaco. Precipitation was scarce throughout the state, with the highest concentration occurring in the northwest part of the state with an average of 0.68 inches.

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