Virginia Field Reports: Good Week for Corn Harvest

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Crop Progress and Condition for the Week Ending September 17, 2017.

REPORTER COMMENTS BY COUNTY – Comments are based on remarks made by extension agents, farmers, commodity specialists, and other knowledgeable individuals.


We are rather dry. Some late season hay is being baled. Corn is drying down rapidly. Some early soybeans are starting to yellow. Several small creeks are dry.

LOUDOUN (Jim Hilleary)
Seeing reductions in surface water availability, particularly in small farm ponds.


ROCKBRIDGE (Thomas Stanley)
Dry and warm conditions depleted soil moisture and caused row crops to mature rapidly this week. Some second and third cutting hay was made this week. Forage supplies for fall and winter grazing are in jeopardy, the fields devoted to such use need rain.


CAROLINE (Mike Broaddus)
This area is maintaining status quo for rainfall and groundwater due to several small rainfalls and cloudy weather.


KING GEORGE (Mike Broaddus)
This area is maintaining status quo for rainfall and groundwater due to several small rainfalls and cloudy weather.


GRAYSON (Kevin Spurlin)
Harvest progress slowed a bit due to rain from Hurricane Irma, though effects from the storm itself were minimal locally.


LUNENBURG (Lindy Tucker)
Hay is on the ground everywhere this week. We have had pretty decent drying weather the whole latter part of the week. Corn is being harvested. Beans are maturing. All in all, things are good this week.

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PRINCE GEORGE (Scott Reiter)
Corn harvest is going strong now. A clear week with just a few sprinkles has not slowed progress. A few fields are still wet, but growers are working around them. Corn yields are much better than expected with some fields reaching 200+ bushels. Most yields are between 75-150 bushels. Soybeans continue to look strong with minimal late season pest pressure. Some hay is being cut with clear weather predicted for the next few days.

GREENSVILLE (Sara Rutherford)
Tobacco and corn harvesting in full swing. Diminishing forecasts for rain are allowing growers larger windows for harvest.

CHESAPEAKE CITY (Watson Lawrence Jr.)
Good progress on corn harvest this week. Early soybeans beginning to senesce.

SOUTHAMPTON (Livvy Preisser)
We are finishing harvesting corn, while some prepare to start digging peanuts. Cotton bolls are beginning to open as well.

General Comments

Days suitable for fieldwork were 6.3. Average temperatures were up slightly from the previous week, and precipitation amounts were varied and scattered. Farming activities for the week included baling hay, harvesting apples, tobacco, corn for grain, and corn for silage. Forecasts for rain diminished, and gave farmers more time for harvesting.

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