Tennessee Field Reports: Growers Active with Field Work as Weather Allows

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Crop Progress and Condition for the Week Ending September 10, 2017.

County Agent Comments

Jake Mallard, Madison County 
Corn harvest is underway. We are getting reports of above average yields. Cotton is shutting down and bolls are opening. Soybeans have started dropping leaves and some group 3’s have been harvested. 

Jeff Via, Fayette County 
The farmers in Fayette County have had a good week and were able to harvest corn and peas. Some farmers will be defoliating cotton and harvesting some beans soon. Next week we may have some showers from the hurricane but harvest and more defoliation will continue when it dries.

Jeff Lannom, Weakley County 
Corn harvest is ramping up with very good to excellent yields being reported. Some dry-land corn is averaging 200 bushels per acre with irrigated corn making around 250 bushels per acre. Soybeans are changing color and dropping leaves. Early maturity soybean harvest should begin in 10-14 days.

Ronnie Barron, Cheatham County 
Field conditions improved some this week after the remnants of Hurricane Harvey pounded us last week. Crop losses and damage from flooding in low lying areas are still being assessed.

Larry Moorehead, Moore County 
We had an inch of rain one day and the rest of the week was good for harvesting.

Jason Evitts, Trousdale County
Rain early in the week has hampered tobacco harvest. Producers are eager to harvest corn but the damp conditions kept them out of the fields. With more rain expected early next week, several producers are expected to harvest over the weekend. A late hay harvest has begun this week with 4-5 days of dry weather.

A Ruth Correll, Wilson County 
Good fall weather this week. Cooler temperatures followed rain early in the week. Some fall hay harvest this week. Row crop producers continue to be positive about good expected yields. Rain and grain moisture levels have delayed any harvest of early planted row crops to this point. Silage harvest continues with reports of very good yields. Reports of insect pressure in late planted forage sorghum. 

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Ed Burns, Franklin County 
Combines resumed corn harvest Labor Day after Harvey however showers on Tuesday, which produced a quarter to nearly an inch of rain in isolated areas, momentarily stalled harvest. Corn harvest resumed in full swing Thursday with cooler than normal temps, with lows in the mid-forties to low fifties and highs in the mid to upper 70’s. About one-third of the crop has been harvested. Single crop soybeans were turning color, with early maturing soybeans shedding the bulk of their leaves. Hay producers took advantage of drier conditions to get another cutting.

John Goddard, Loudon County
.25 inch rain this week. Some Johnson grass hay put up this week. Pretty decent 3rd hay cutting. Corn for grain harvesting began this week. Corn silage is being chopped. Soybeans and corn look really good.

General Comments

Corn harvest resumed where fields and corn had dried down enough after the rain and wind events from Hurricane Harvey. Producers also cut hay and silage. Crop damage and loss were being assessed. Yields from all harvested crops were very promising. Cotton defoliation is expected to begin soon. Producers are getting into fields as much as possible ahead of next week’s rain forecast.

There were 5.8 days suitable for field work. Topsoil moisture was 5 percent very short, 5 percent short, 79 percent adequate, and 11 percent surplus. Subsoil moisture was 5 percent very short, 7 percent short, 77 percent adequate and 11 percent surplus.

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