AgriMAXX Wheat Expands Seed Offerings Into Central Plains

Photo: Kansas State University

AgriMAXX, an independent Illinois-based seed company offering soft wheat varieties in the eastern U.S., is expanding into Kansas this year with a hard red winter wheat selection.

“This fall, we are very pleased to be offering Kansas growers AM Eastwood, a new, elite hard red winter wheat variety,” said Matt Wehmeyer, Vice President of AgriMAXX Wheat. “AM Eastwood offers robust performance and outstanding advantages in both yield and profitability. Growers are expressing very strong interest in this variety.”

AM Eastwood has a wide adaptation east to west, according to Wehmeyer, and it offers “a very good disease package, including head scab resistance. It shows heavy test weights and very good grain quality.”

He says the variety has earned its reputation through wide testing in university and independent trials. “Over the last 3 years, AM Eastwood easily outperformed the most widely planted variety in Kansas,” he added. “In the Kansas State Trials, it won first place in numerous locations and was firmly seated among the top ten performing wheat varieties across the state in multiple environments. That’s pretty exciting for an early maturing variety.”

Lance Tischauser, from Wilsey, Kansas, conducted yield trials on his farm in addition to raising the seed production.

“We were very impressed with AM Eastwood’s performance. Its scab resistance is a real advantage,” said Tischauser. “It has proven itself as a consistent performer in both high-yield and low-yielding growing environments. We look forward to seeing more from AgriMAXX.”

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