Virginia Field Reports: Corn Harvest Underway, Most Areas Get Some Rains

Crop Progress and Condition for the Week Ending September 3, 2017.

REPORTER COMMENTS BY COUNTY – Comments are based on remarks made by extension agents, farmers, commodity specialists, and other knowledgeable individuals.


ROCKINGHAM (Doug Horn) Cool week with 2 rainfall events. Only one day above 80 degrees. Corn silage harvest is underway in the parts of the county that had less rainfall during the summer.

LOUDOUN (Jim Hilleary) Weather for a good production week 6/7 days.


ROCKBRIDGE (Thomas Stanley) Rain showers Thursday night and damp cool conditions Friday and Saturday were weather highlights for Rockbridge this week. Corn silage harvest stopped for the rain, but is set to resume at a rapid pace. Many hay meadows have sufficient growth to warrant a second or third cutting, and are waiting on a suitable weather window.

HIGHLAND (Paxton Grant) Received much needed rain in the area on 9/1 & 9/2 throughout the county.


AMELIA (Laura Siegle) We got more rain this week. Corn is drying down, most soybeans look good and are setting or filling pods.

CHESTERFIELD/GOOCHLAND (Charlotte Maxwell) Heavy rain all day on September 1.


BRUNSWICK (Cynthia Gregg) Rain last week was nice, but a bit late for some crops. Some producers continued to harvest tobacco. Many are watching Hurricane Irma that could pose issues to next week’s field work.

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PRINCE GEORGE (Scott Reiter) Another wet week with 2-5 inches of rain across the county. Fieldwork was very limited with saturated conditions. We have received 11 inches of rain in August and 1 inch on September 1 at my gauge in Prince George.

GREENSVILLE (Sara Rutherford) One field observed with bolls beginning to open. Very low percentage, but starting none the less.

CHESAPEAKE CITY (Watson Lawrence Jr.) Corn harvest interrupted this week by Tropical storm. Very wide range of corn yields due to excess rain in some low lying areas of fields. Moderate worm pest in soybeans this year. CEW control good, some soybean loopers below threshold currently.

General Comments

Days suitable for fieldwork were 5.1. Temperatures were down from the previous week and precipitation was up; the rain limited some fieldwork during the week. Farming activities for the week included harvesting apples, peaches, corn for grain, and corn for silage. Farmers are preparing for Hurricane Irma.

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