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Rice harvest. ©Debra L Ferguson Stock Photography

Texas – Derrol Grymes

With a good, dry week, a majority of the guys on the west side of the district will be wrapping up first crop by the weekend. The east side guys are rolling strong as well, but they are a little bit more behind on progress with wet and boggy fields. Across the district I would estimate we should be approaching 75% completed by weeks end. Hybrid yields appear to be holding good in the mid-50 to mid-60 barrel range and the early quality reports are coming back very good as well.

Ratoon growth is looking good in most areas with some disappointing fields mixed in.

Louisiana – Mike Worthington, Nicky Miller

Rain has continued to slow down harvest throughout south Louisiana, we are estimated at 80% completed. Most acres are now being harvested in the mud, which will lower our ratoon crop potential due to rutting up the field. RiceTec hybrid yields are being reported anywhere from the mid 40 barrel to upper 50 barrel range with a few reports in the low 60 barrels. RiceTec hybrid yields seem to be holding up well when compared to that of the varieties.

As we move into central and northeast Louisiana, harvest is just getting off to a very slow start, with an estimated 20% of the areas rice harvested between showers. Yields are picking up in this part of the state, with one field of early harvested RiceTec hybrid
reported at 200 dry bushels.


So far only central and southern Arkansas are beginning to harvest rice. The biggest factor so far has been the consistent wet weather pattern and cloudy skies that are preventing harvest to get started. A lot of the rice ready to be harvested is around 20% moisture and only needs some dry weather to be ready to go.

The current weather forecast is not promising. Gulf Coast and Midsouth have pretty much the same forecast for next week. Producers will be able to get a lot accomplished if the weather pattern does dry out. See the below comments from local Sales Personnel.

Mississippi – Jay Burchfield

A few growers got started back yesterday and more will today, weather permitting. There is a good bit of rice ready to be harvested, but persistent rain showers and storms are holding back progress

Arkansas Grand Prairie – Matt Snow

Weather is the only factor holding back harvest for many growers on the Grand Prairie. We estimate approximately 50% of the crop is ready for harvest. Some growers got started with harvest Wednesday of this week and initial yield reports are very promising ranging from 200-220 bushels per acre. 2 RFYT’s are expected to be harvested early next week.

Southern Arkansas – Jeff Branson

With the consistent weather pattern of showers and storms we’ve experienced over the last couple of weeks and heavy dews that are hanging around late into the morning hours, we have been picking up reports of a small amount of grain sprouting in the panicles. This isn’t just isolated to rice as both soybean and corn are experiencing the same issues.

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