Peanuts: Argentina’s Horrible Harvest Drags On

    Our agronomists report that during the week that harvest was progressing throughout Argentina’s peanut belt.

    Harvest conditions have been very favorable recently, with sunshine and minimal wind during the afternoons. Light frost has been noted in the central production areas.

    Generally, harvest is still ongoing in the central and southern regions where 20% to 25% of the peanuts are still in the field. Prolonged wet periods have delayed or complicated harvest in some areas.

    Along with stalling harvest progress, those conditions have resulted in lower yields. In some locations, peanuts were dug about 5 months ago in wet conditions.

    Even with that, some very good yields have been reported. Of course, averages have varied widely, depending on local weather and other factors. On the flip side, people in the field observed significant yield losses severe deterioration due to wet soils.

    The Cereals Board of Cordoba (CBC) estimates that 49,000 hectares of peanuts were lost due to flooding.

    CBC also estimated that 61% of the area’s peanut crop had been harvested through the second half of July. These delays raise concerns about kernel quality. That includes risks of mold and dust in the pod.

    This is the second season in which excessive rainfall in March and into June caused flooding in crops in the southern portion of the province.

    In July 2015, 100% of the peanut crop was harvested, while in 2017 only 61% is harvested. This varies by area. In central Cordoba, 85% of the crop has been harvested, while in the southern area it ranges from 35% to 50%.

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