Arkansas Rice: How Wet Is It?

©Debra L Ferguson Stock Photography

While much of the state has missed recent forecast rainy weather, it seems most caught it today. Most do not need a reminder but the current forecast looks reminiscent of what happened in 2016 (Table 1). Far southeast Arkansas in places has caught significant amounts over the past week and may be catching the brunt of the storms today.

Even before today’s (8/11) storms, there have been a few whispers of a small amount of sprouting beans and rice in the field. If the current forecast holds true then much of the mature crops could be subject to a second year of these issues.

Early milling yield reports have been very good, but repeated rainfall causing continued wetting and drying aren’t good. If this keeps up we could see a falloff in milling yields. Nighttime temperatures were only high for a relatively short period of time so quality may be good, but that is a small positive at this point if we can’t get the crop out in a timely manner.

Additional yield reports have been few with the recent weather not being conducive to grain moisture dropping. Some that have cut this week are still reporting moistures of 20% or more. Depending on the area some early yields appear strong while others are underwhelming. This variability in early yields doesn’t promote confidence in attaining the high yields we would like to see but instead points toward an average yield expectation.

Rainfall and temperature data for Stuttgart, Arkansas, in 2016.





Aug. 13 0.07 82 75
Aug. 14 0.67 78 71
Aug. 15 0.93 86 73
Aug. 16 1.87 77 73
Aug. 17 0.13 80 73
Aug. 18 0.09 80 73
Aug. 19 0.00 87 73
Aug. 20 0.48 82 73


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