Texas West Plains: Sugarcane Aphid in Sorghum; Keep Scouting the Cotton

Sugarcane aphid nymphs and an adult on a grain sorghum leaf. Photo: Dr. Pat Porter, Texas A&M


We have now confirmed the presence of Sugarcane Aphid (SCA) in grain sorghum in Hockley County as of Tuesday, August 8. The two fields I confirmed the SCA in were planted in April, and so were fairly mature. I have not found them in any of this young replanted milo, yet. 

These two confirmed fields have or will be sprayed. I would highly suggest that you begin weekly inspections of all grain sorghum fields. Scout! Here is the link to the management guide: http://lubbock.tamu.edu/files/2016/05/ENTO- 035_Sugarcane_Aphid-Management_2016.pdf If you have any questions please do not hesitate to give me a call.


Peanuts are doing very well at this point with mostly excellent health of pods and foliage. Most everyone is doing a great job of staying on top of weeds and irrigating around rains. As we move into mid and late August be mindful of weather changes to cooler temps and more moisture such as from morning dews. These conditions are conducive to disease development.


Cotton is ranging from just beginning to bloom with 8 nodes above white flower to physiological cut-out with 5 or fewer nodes above white flower. The latter should hit the target of forming that last boll by August 20 and blooming out the top.

The only pest detected in cotton has been a few scattered cotton aphids. Be careful applying late nitrogen as this can encourage aphid infestations. Beneficial insects have been almost nonexistent this summer. We are starting to see a few more now with the various aphids showing up. Watch for worms on non-Bt fields. Scout!

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