Virginia Cotton: Good Growth, Heavy Fruitload; What to Do About Pix?

Each year our crops have specific characteristics that make it unique and we have to make decisions before we know how it will all play out. The common situation across the board for most of our cotton this year is good growth and heavy fruit load. Overall, it looks like it is supposed to.

  • The challenge at this point is figuring out whether or not we are cresting the mountaintop and getting ready to run downhill or still climbing. The difference between these two situations is generally water.
  • Most folks with good rain have already reacted with Pix. For these good moisture situations, the second shot of Pix will needs to be timed to just before the canopy closing up which is usually around 36 inches.
  • However, as dry weather has returned for half of the region that got less than an inch last week, the cotton is still in a very stable mode looking good, but looking for that next shower.
  • In general, I am expecting the early planted cotton that is blooming good to be fine.
  • For fields planted in mid-May, we should see blooms by this weekend to early next week and the late May cotton will be after that.
  • We should be a bit more aggressive on later planted cotton just because it likes to get wild when it rains. My approach is generally to use 12 when I would normally use 8 and to be sure and get some on before blooming.

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