Dicamba Spraying: Tennessee Steps Up with “New Rules” – No Ban

    Herbicide application. ©Debra L Ferguson

    Today (July 12), the state of Tennessee joined Arkansas and Missouri in officially reacting to an increased number of plant and field injury reports related to farm use of herbicides containing dicamba.

    The Tennessee Department of Agriculture, however, is not officially banning dicamba products as was done by Arkansas and Missouri, but rather is issuing a new set of  application that are now in effect through October 1.

    1. Anyone applying dicamba products must be certified as a private applicator or licensed as a pest control operator in the category of Agricultural Pest Control (AGE), and is required to keep records for such applications.
    2. The use of older formulations of dicamba products for the remainder of this agricultural growing season is prohibited.
    3. To minimize the potential for off-target movement of the product due to temperature inversion, dicamba may only be applied from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the respective time zone for the location of application.
    4. Applying dicamba over the top of cotton after first bloom is prohibited.

    “Our approach will offer protection to those who stand to be negatively impacted by off-target movement of dicamba while also allowing those farmers who have invested in products designed for their crops to continue to use the appropriate herbicides responsibly,”  Jai Templeton, Agriculture Commissioner  said.

    Dicamba injury reports have been rising across the Midsouth as farmers use products containing the herbicide in an effort to fight Palmer amaranth, aka Pigweed, which has largely become resistant to Roundup Ready herbicides.

    Larry Steckel, Extension Weed Specialist, University of Tennessee is featured in this July 3 UT Crops video report: Stop Sequential Applications of Dicamba in Cotton 


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