Texas West Plains: Cotton Almost at Bloom; 6 Points About Sugarcane Aphid

    Sugarcane aphid nymphs and an adult on a grain sorghum leaf. Photo: Dr. Pat Porter, Texas A&M

    Cotton, what we have remaining, ranges from cotyledon stage (replant) to 13 true leaves with square set good with an average of 82%.

    • I attribute most all missing squares so far to weather related losses. I am not finding blooms yet but do anticipate seeing some by end of next week (July 14). Generally, it will be after July 25 or so before we see most cotton beginning to bloom.
    • Cotton insect pests remain very quiet. In the IPM Scouting Program, I have noted fleahoppers and lygus only in weedy field margins.
    • Weeds are the dominate pest at this time. It has been almost impossible to be timely with herbicide applications. Hopefully, once everyone gets everything sand fought we can get back to controlling weeds.
    • A couple of other timely activities that producers need to undertake is getting fertilizer in place and consider a plant growth regulator application on this better actively growing cotton. I would suggest a 10-14 ounce rate by end of next week.

    Peanuts continue to bloom with pegging and pod set going strong.

    • The rain was a “God send”, but do not put off turning water back on soon. Irrigation is critical not only for the plant to grow but also it creates an environment which is conducive for peg penetration of soil.
    • If soil surface is too hot and dry pegs will not develop properly.
    • No insect pests have been noted in peanuts. I have not seen much in the way of pathogens either.

    Grain sorghum has been replanted on many lost cotton acres and still more may be being considered as a possible option behind just recently lost cotton. You will have to consider the economics of this decision, but let me cover 6 points about the sugarcane aphid (SCA) which you should know:

    1. There is a chance you will not get SCA, but do budget 1-2 applications. This insect can be managed!
    2. Plant a tolerant/resistant hybrid, rely on your seedman.
    3. Learn how to scout, know the threshold, and do not delay treatment if threshold reached.
    4. Both Sivanto and Transform have a fit in a control program.
    5. Coverage is key; 10 gpa by ground, or 5 gpa by air.
    6. Ask for help – if you do it yourself; hire a professional consultant, or enter a few acres in our IPM Scouting Program.

    Private Pesticide Applicators Training 2017 Cochran, Hockley and Lamb Counties

    The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service will offer the required private Pesticide Applicators Training (PAT) in Morton, Levelland and Littlefield throughout 2017. This training is required by Texas Department of Agriculture before taking the exam for obtaining the license. A private pesticide applicator is a person who uses or supervises the use of a restricted-use or state limited-use pesticide or a regulated herbicide for the purpose of producing an agricultural commodity. This license is not for those receiving monetary compensation for a pesticide application.

    To participate in a training individuals must call 806-894-3159 by 3pm the day prior (Wednesday) to the trainings in Levelland; 806-385-4222 ext 235 by 3pm the day prior (Wednesday) to the trainings in Littlefield; or 806-266- 5215 by 3pm the day prior to any trainings in Morton. The trainings will begin promptly at 1pm at the Extension Offices (see addresses below). There is a $60 fee for training materials. This is only the required training. Testing will be conducted at a separate time and location.

    Future PAT Trainings:
    • July 20 Levelland Extension Office 1212 Houston Street
    • August 28 Morton Extension Office 200 W. Taylor Avenue
    • September TBA Littlefield Extension Office, Courthouse, Room B-5
    • October 19 Levelland Extension Office 1212 Houston Street
    • November 6 Morton Extension Office 200 W. Taylor Avenue
    • December TBA Littlefield Extension Office, Courthouse, Room B-5

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