Arkansas Field Reports: Soybean Planting Wrapping Up; Early Rice Approaching Boot Stage

Crop Progress and Condition for the Week Ending June 25, 2017.

Comments from Cooperative Extension Service County Agents

Branon Thiesse, Craighead County
“Dicamba injury continued to show on crops as well as other non-crop plants.”

Brent Griffin, Prairie County
“Soybean planting was rapidly being completed. Early rice approached boot stage and corn entered milk stage. Dicamba damage to soybeans confirmed. Rice blast was detected in Jupiter and Titan varieties.”

Glenda Sutherlin, Union County
“Rains from Tropical Storm Cindy provided much needed moisture for pastures and hay fields. This may help with hay production and summer pastures for cattle producers. Hot, dry weather is forecasted, so producers welcomed the rain. Timber, gardens, and orchards are in good shape.”

Kevin Lawson, Perry County
“Producers continued planting soybeans last week. Rice neared midseason and nitrogen applications should go out soon. Rice blast was found on a field of LaKast variety and is being scouted closely.”

Dave Freeze, Greene County
“Corn was being irrigated early in the week. Some soybean producers were watering, while others waited to see what rain would come with Tropical Storm Cindy.”

Herbicide Resistance Info

General Comments

According to the National Agricultural Statistics Service in Arkansas, there were 4.4 days suitable for fieldwork for the week ending Sunday, June 25, 2017. Topsoil moisture supplies were 5 percent very short, 5 percent short, 62 percent adequate, and 28 percent surplus. Subsoil moisture supplies were 6 percent very short, 8 percent short, 66 percent adequate, and 20 percent surplus.

Low temperatures ranged from 58.9 degrees Fahrenheit at Kingston to 72.2 degrees Fahrenheit at Crossett. Highs ranged from 79.0 degrees Fahrenheit at Kingston to 90.6 degrees Fahrenheit at West Memphis. Moderate precipitation was received throughout the state, with the highest concentration occurring in the southeast part of the state with an average of 3.89 inches.

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