Virginia Cotton: Cindy May Not Bring as Much Rain as Feared

Here at the end of a moisture restoring week, we Ag folks are looking at the current weather forecast hoping to miss this next chance of rain for the weekend.

  • The forecast is a bit of a different story today compared to earlier as the tropical system in the Gulf may not bring as much rain as we thought it might, and that actually is pretty good news.
  • The jobs are backing up again as very little field work has been done this week in a good chunk of our region. In some areas we will not get in the field till next week even if we don’t get any more rain. I guess by Monday, we’ll know for sure.
  • As we find ourselves in a pinch for accomplishing as many jobs in one trip as possible, it will be important to consider what mixes easily as well as controls weeds. Also there is going to be the idea of adding a few ounces of pix to some cotton that is getting 18 inches tall or so, and with this much moisture it might not be a bad idea if you are only spraying Roundup or Liberty.
  • However a large number of cotton operations use this second weed control trip to add a residual herbicide to the tank. I am less comfortable adding Pix in these situations. Based on the way the crop looks and in a general way, the top priority is mostly weed control with fertility a close second.



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