Alabama Field Reports: Rains Slow Wheat Harvest, Benefit Row Crops

Crop Progress and Condition for the Week Ending June 18, 2017.

County Comments

Tim Malone, Marion County
Wheat harvest is almost completed. Cotton, soybeans and peanuts are looking good. We got some rain this week that is helping hay fields start growing for the second cutting. 

Dan Porch, Blount County
Received a much need shower around the end of the week. The conditions allowed for planting of crops.

Henry Dorough, Talladega County
Wheat harvest has been slow as lodging and wet soils hamper machinery. The rain we received later during the week halted all wheat and hay operations. However, the rain has been good for corn planted in the county, as it is good or better than any crop in recent history without the aid of irrigation.

Willie Durr, Houston County
Farmers are looking for good and dry weather conditions so they can start spraying for weeds and disease issues. All crops are faring well with good growing conditions recently. Cattlemen are looking to make up for the lost time in hay harvest operation. Vegetable crops are coming in hard and heavy as many are maturing.

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General Comments

According to the National Agricultural Statistics Service in Alabama, there were 4.3 days suitable for fieldwork for the week ending Sunday, June 18, 2017.  Precipitation estimates for the state ranged from trace amounts in multiple locations up to 7.8 inches.  Average high temperatures ranged from the mid 80s to the low 90s.  Average low temperatures ranged from the mid 60s to the low 70s.

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