Louisiana Rice Field Day, Horizon Ag – Provisia Rice System, June 27, Kaplan

Horizon Ag’s Louisiana field day will be at the Richard Farms in Kaplan on June 27. The event will feature a close look at a 20-acre field of Provisia. Volunteer weedy rice was growing in the field at the time of planting, so attendees can see the effective control offered by the Provisia Rice System in a large-field setting.

The field day provides a view of the first Provisia rice variety being brought to market in 2018 in a commercial-sized field, and demonstrations of the two newest Horizon Ag Clearfield varieties, CL153 and CL172, both offering high yield and high quality.

Developed by BASF through traditional breeding techniques, Provisia rice is tolerant to Provisia  herbicide, which received EPA registration in early 2017. Following the herbicide registration, BASF is partnering with researchers at Louisiana State University and Horizon Ag to bring the Provisia Rice System to market.

Provisia rice opens an opportunity for an effective crop rotation that allows for rice to be planted in consecutive seasons yet creates sustainable weed control in rice by rotating different herbicide modes of action in the field

Field Day Details

  • June 27, 2017
  • Richard Farms
  • 5632 Louisiana Highway 700, Kaplan, LA 70548
  • Registration at 4:30 p.m.; tour begins at 5 p.m.

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