Oklahoma: Wheat Harvest Has Begun

Harvest in Oklahoma has begun on the Oklahoma/Texas border with combines rolling along the Red River down around Grandfield and Eldorado.

It has been reported that over the past couple days in the Grandfield area they have taken in approximately 30,000 bushels. Test weights have been averaging 63 to 65 lbs./bu, with yields ranging from the low 20’s to mid 40’s.

In Eldorado, some early wheat was harvested as early as last Thursday but combines have started moving at a faster speed within the last couple days. It was reported in this area that approximately 50,000 bushels have been hauled to town. Test weights in this area are ranging from 60 to 61.5 lbs./bu, with occasional loads coming in higher than that.

Yields in the region also ranging from the mid 20’s to mid 40’s. Protein from the region is not being reported until a more accurate report can be given when more bushels come in.

It was reported that one load was received in Frederick last night, but based on high moisture, it looks like harvest in this region is still a couple days away.

Producers across the state are hoping the predicted storms this week do not damage or prolong the beginning of harvest. The anticipated forecast from the Oklahoma Mesonet on Tuesday, May 16 at 9:00 a.m. for the coming week currently looks like getting into the field is going to be a challenge over the next few days.

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