Virginia Cotton: After 10 Day Planting Delay, Back to Normal in Just 2 Days

Photo: Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service - Kay Ledbetter

Well, after what looked like a complete lock up for cotton planters for a 10 day period, we are now moving back to a pretty typical planting pattern for our region much sooner than we thought just two days ago. 

There are no longer any cool weather concerns and the rainfall we get at the end of this week will be beneficial as the forecast indicates dry conditions will be developing for the rest of the month. I actually hope we don’t miss this rain.

A few farmers are back to planting cotton on well drained land and as early as Sunday, very warm temperatures and good moisture will provide the best planting conditions of the year for all of next week as no more cool wet weather is expected.

The cotton we have already planted should also be in very good shape as most of it is up or at least getting ready to push through pretty soon. Our oldest cotton that was planted in April will be reaching a stage of thrips sensitivity if only a seed treatment was used perhaps as early as next week. Seed treatments are good for 2 weeks  – sometimes longer.

If you used some version of in-furrow liquid or granular insecticide, you should have an extra week or two of protection depending on the rates and product of choice.

Overall, we are having a good start for 2017 cotton production.



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