California: Soil Management Training, Five Points, June 6

How long-term soil health practices affect farming system performance will be covered in a half-day training workshop in Five Points on June 6 beginning at 9 a.m..  The practices that will be showcased include reduced disturbance tillage and the use of cover crops and compost.  Science-based, long-term research information as well as practical testimonies of experienced farmers are key elements of the training curriculum.

“What we’re going to do is combine in a single educational program an integrated and systems-oriented approach for soil, crop, and pest management aimed at achieving healthy soil as an overall means for improving system performance, productivity, and function,” said course organizer, Jeff Mitchell of the Department of Plant Sciences at UC Davis.

“The program will feature discussion and education on all components of soil biology including bacteria, fungi, nematodes, weeds and soil macrofaunal, and will provide hands-on learning components on how the alternative management principles and practices may interact in ways to increase overall system resilience.”

The June 6 training will be conducted at the site of an important long-term (18 year) research study at the University of California’s field station near Five Points, CA in western Fresno County and will include overview presentations of systems management goals and practices by farmer presenters, research-based topics based on published systems management findings by study investigators, as well as opportunities for direct learning and discovery by participants that will include in-field observations of changes resulting from the management practices.

“There will be few, if any other opportunities for Central Valley farmers, consultants, and agency people to learn in one setting how managing a farming system from an ecological framework impacts how resilience, pest management, profitability, and overall production system success can be achieved,” said program farmer presenter, Scott Park of Meridian, CA.

4.5 CCA CEUs and 1.0 PCA CEUs are approved for the training and a lunch will be provided.  The event will take place at the UC West Side Research and Extension Center at 17353 W. Oakland Avenue.

Please RSVP online here.

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