“Deer University” – Podcast on Deer Management from Mississippi State University

    Steve Demarais and Bronson Strickland, MSU Wildlife professors, recording a Deer University podcast. Photo: Mississippi State University

    Mississippi State University Extension Service will soon offer a weekly podcast for deer hunters, enthusiasts and wildlife professionals in the Southeast.  

    Deer University officially launches May 11  (listen to 4 episodes posted below) and will be available to listeners free of charge on iTunes at this link.  Registration is the only prerequisite needed to listen and subscribe to the podcast.

    Hosts for the podcasts are Bronson Strickland and Steve Demarais,  MSU Wildlife Management professors, who are both deer hunters, deer biologists, professors of wildlife management, and co-directors of the Mississippi State University Deer Lab.

    The goal for the Deer University podcasts is to share the latest research that will help improve listener’s hunting and management experiences.  As national leaders in deer research,  Strickland and Demarais will deliver episodes that cover pertinent wildlife topics, including food plots, habitat management, antler development and selective harvesting.

    Listeners can also participate and ask questions. Click this link, then click on the podcast icon.

    Click below below and listen to 4 of the Deere University Podcasts:

    Deer University Introduction

    Deer University/Episode 1-Who’s Your Daddy?

    DeerUniversity/Culling Explained – Part 1

    Deer University/Culling Explained – Part 2

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