Wild Hogs: Louisiana Suspends Use of Kaput for Feral Hog Control

Texas A&M AgriLife photo by Kay Ledbetter

Louisiana farmers were looking forward to using Kaput to reduce the state’s wild hog population. But after some testing and growing concerns about harm to the state’s black bear population, Mike Strain, Louisiana Ag Commissioner, has suspended the sale of the product.

Kaput is produced by Scimetrics, a Colorado company specializing in rodent control. The product contains Warfarin, the same active ingredient as the blood thinner Coumadin, which is proven to work on quadrupeds, such as hogs. However, Kaput also kills other animals, such as black bears, which the LDWAF has worked to de-list as an endangered species. The poison is delivered from traps mixed with feed that attracts bears and hogs alike.



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