Virginia Field Reports: Severe Storms Bring Needed Moisture, Unneeded Damage

    Crop Progress and Condition for the Week Ending April 9, 2017.

    REPORTER COMMENTS BY COUNTY – Comments are based on remarks made by extension agents, farmers, commodity specialists, and other knowledgeable individuals.


    CULPEPER (Carl Stafford)
    Severe thunderstorm event last week caused 1.5 million in damages to buildings, grain handling, and fences damaged by fallen trees.

    FAIRFAX (Adria Bordas)
    Horrible weather on Thursday and Friday for field work.

    ROCKINGHAM (Doug Horn)
    A few rains have helped grass growth. The first rye was cut for silage last week.

    RAPPAHANNOC (Kenner Love)
    Apple trees are beginning to bloom.


    ROCKBRIDGE (Thomas A Stanley)
    Rain Tuesday brought at least 1/2 inch of very welcome moisture to most of Rockbridge. Topsoil moisture levels are adequate, but subsoil remains dry due to a warm, dry winter. Frost Saturday morning, but have not yet assessed damage if any.


    AMELIA (Laura Siegle)
    We received some needed moisture with the round of Thursday storms in our area. Conditions have otherwise been warm and mostly dry.

    GOOCHLAND (Charlotte Maxwell)
    We had heavy rain and thunderstorms followed by high winds on April 6.


    NORTHAMPTON (Ursula Deitch)
    Weather has been ideal for growing conditions. Spring corn planting to begin later this week.


    SMYTH (Andy Overbay)
    Colder weather may adversely affect fruit crops, but moisture will be helpful to recovering pastures.

    Herbicide Resistance Info

    TAZEWELL (John Blankenship)
    Snow and frost.


    GREENSVILLE (Sara Rutherford)
    Fertilizer burn on headed oats noted 4/5/2017.

    CHESAPEAKE CITY (Watson Lawrence Jr.)
    An EF0 tornado touched down this week in Chesapeake causing some damage to a Strawberry U-Pick Farm Stand, power lines, and some homes. However, damage was not significantly high and no one was injured. Wheat continues to look exceptionally good and farmers have not started planting corn yet, waiting on weather to settle.

    BRUNSWICK (Cynthia Gregg)
    Rain last week was welcomed, we were lucky and did not have the amount of severe weather as some counties around us. The wind dried up most of the rain very quickly, so conditions are once again very dry. Tobacco land is being bedded for planting.

    General Comments

    Days suitable for fieldwork were 4.4. Storms during the week brought needed moisture, but also caused damage to buildings and farms with fallen trees and high winds. Farming activities for the week included planting corn and potatoes, and observing crops for freeze damage and disease.

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