Virginia Cotton: April Offers Corn Planting Weather – May is for Cotton

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Warm, calm and dry conditions are  expected to last from Saturday through about the middle of next week. The idea of drier than normal conditions is certainly being talked about, and while nobody likes to see these rough winds, we certainly welcome the ground getting some moisture.  

When we look at some of the longer term weather models, indicates we could see a half inch of rain again at the end of next week while Accuweather shows a 3 week period of very little to no rain beginning Friday. Either scenario would allow us to get a lot of field work done in April, a beautiful corn planting season, but perhaps a little wanting for some of those nice April showers.

We are still 2 weeks from thinking about putting cotton seed in the ground, and more like 3 weeks before we would actually be tempted. I think a long string of warmth in the last several days of April would be a requirement. If that is where we are headed, it will at least give us some discussion of the risk vs. rewards of trying to get some April Cotton in the ground. Otherwise, May is out main month for planting.

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To sum it up, I’m really not trying to hint at planting early. However, we have not had a dry spring for several years. If we face a dry planting season, it will be important to have a completely dead cover so it is not sucking up the little bit of moisture we might have. But heck, we still have plenty of time — a month away from May 5th. In addition, we need to make sure there are no emerged weeds at planting. Of course, that is true whether it is dry or not.



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