Land Management Company Aggressively Seeking Permanent and Speciality Crop Acreage

An Illinois-based real estate and land management company has expressed an interest in buying permanent and specialty crop properties in the U.S.

The company, Murray Wise Associates LLC, said in a press release this week that it is was working with an unnamed “institutional investor” in its move to acquire that type of farmland.

“We have the ability to move quickly and to creatively structure leaseback or partnership strategies with best-in-class owner/operators,” said Murray Wise, CEO of MWA, in a press release this week.

The release stated that MWA “can close outright sales with no financing contingency.” If an owner wants to retain a mintority equity interest in the property, that is feasible, too, the release noted.

“Our investor partner shares our long term outlook on agriculture, and they are seeking to acquire properties and establish partnerships that will stand the test of time,” said Joe Bubon, MWA’s president. “We are extremely excited about this opportunity to acquire the very best properties and to partner with the top permanent crop and produce farmers in the United States.”

MWA is headquartered in Champaign, Illinois, with additional offices in Naples, Florida and Clarion, Iowa.

Owners, advisors or brokers with properties to sell should contact Murray Wise Associates’ Acquisition Team at (800) 607-6888.

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