Arkansas Field Report: Rains Delay Planting; Upcoming Freeze Concerns

Crop Progress and Condition for the Week Ending March 12, 2017.

Comments from Cooperative Extension Service County Agents

“Trees and fruit are way ahead of schedule. We will take a big hit this weekend if forecasted temperatures materialize.”
Mike McClintock, Boone County

“So far, March has been weird. Temperatures fluctuated 30 degrees or more in 24 hours. Summer grazing fields are starting to green up as well as horticulture and small home orchards.”
Kaycee Davis, Howard County

“Soil temperatures were good to plant corn. Rains kept people out of fields. Nothing has been planted in St. Francis yet.”
Cody Griffin, St. Francis County

“Some pre-plant tillage operations have taken place; however, recent rains have put a halt to all fieldwork.”
Rick Wimberly, Cross County

“No planting started yet. Rain and cold weather is keeping any planting from beginning. Wheat crop is making rapid growth. Burndown herbicides and fertilizer continue to be applied.”
Richard Klerk, Woodruff County

“Much needed rain finally arrived. Still behind in rainfall though. Cool season forages starting to grow. Melon growers preparing field for planting. Cattle producers working cattle.”
J. Joe Moore, Sharp County

“A good bit of land prep was done 2-3 weeks ago. Everything is very wet right now. We’re hoping the temperatures this weekend don’t get too low and harm strawberries that are in full bloom.”
Steve Kelley, Drew County

General Comments

According to the National Agricultural Statistics Service in Arkansas, there were limited acres of corn and no rice planted during the week. Low temperatures ranged from 34.0 degrees Fahrenheit at Lead Hill to 47.4 degrees Fahrenheit at Rohwer.

Highs ranged from 49.3 degrees Fahrenheit at Gilbert to 70.5 degrees Fahrenheit at Eudora. Precipitation was received throughout the state during the week, with the highest concentration in the Northwest part of the state with an average of 2.92 inches.

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