Georgia Weeds: Addressing Questions on Pesticide Training

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One-on-One Trainings:

Question: Can the one-on-one training replace the Using Pesticide Wisely Training?

Answer: no, no and NO. One-on-one trainings are to compliment the Using Pesticides Wisely Training but cannot but used to replace it. If you do not attend the Using Pesticide Wisely training then you cannot legally be the person responsible for an application of 2,4-D or dicamba in tolerant crops (soybean or cotton).

For those of you that did not join in the mock one-on-one trainings, it was recorded. Scott Utley and Wade Parker have both sent the link out numerous times. Your efforts with the one-on-one trainings have the potential to be monumental and keep in mind you will collectively accomplish something that has never been done………….ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Using Pesticides Wisely:

Question: What happens if I miss all of the Using Pesticides Wisely Trainings?

Answer: You implement a sound alternative program without 2,4-D or dicamba in-season. By March of 2017, there will have been 36 meetings over 3 years, pretty sure several meetings have been close to each applicator or person responsible for the application. Additionally, well over 2000 people have now attended the training. Not sure what else needs to be said???

HELP!! In 2015 some growers registered under farm names. This is not a big deal at all but I need your help getting actual grower names for those farms. So if someone from your county registered as a farm name, please e-mail me the grower or growers names, pesticide license number, address, and their e-mail (if they have one).

Again, this would have only happened for the 2015 list. We cannot give a Using Pesticide Wisely card to the farm, so please help us address this issue.

Buying Seeds or Herbicides:

Question: If I don’t take the Using Pesticide Wisely training does that prevent me from buying any seed or herbicides?

Answer: No, absolutely not. Restricting the purchase of any seed or herbicide may promote the use of older formulations of 2,4-D or dicamba which we do not want any part of. It really is simple, the training allows one to LEGALLY make an application of 2,4-D or dicamba in-season for tolerant crops. Labels making this clear can be found at the Department of Agriculture’s Using Pesticides Wisely Website.

2017 Cotton and Vegetable Circulars are uploaded to the UGA Weed Science Web-Page. All three cotton circulars as numerous vegetable circulars should be able to be printed as needed. Of course, as I travel the state, you are welcome to the ones I have already laminated.  FYI, Prostko also has his weed control recommendations listed for all of his crops on our web-site.

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