Texas West Plains: Wet and Hot Season – Diseases and Regrowth

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August ended as one the wettest in many years. Not a bad thing considering July was one of the hottest in a few years. However, this wet, cloudy and cooler weather we experienced over the last 10-near 14 days has brought on some concerns in terms of crop health. Click this link to read an excellent article from Dr. Jason Woodward, Extension Plant Pathologist, Lubbock, on a cotton disease we have seen occasionally here on the South Plains known as Alternaria leaf spot in cotton.  

This weather has been very conducive for foliar disease in peanuts. If you have not protected your peanuts already you may want to give serious consideration to doing so.

Another aspect of this recent weather pattern is the potential for regrowth in cotton. Understand that there is very little one can do to limit this type of growth. Plant growth regulators are not going to help us in this situation at all, so do not waste your money. Hopefully the boll load and changing weather pattern will help limit this. This regrowth delays the maturation process of the cotton bolls. We were making excellent progress towards maturing bolls just prior to this rainy weather.

Cotton Commentary on AgFax

Regrowth is difficult to deal with when setting the plant up for harvest using harvest aids. I will say though that I would much rather have terminal regrowth in the top than basal regrowth in the bottom. Basal regrowth is almost next to impossible to deal with. Late planted corn and grain sorghum are doing very well in this current weather. Some corn was harvested prior to the wet weather, and should resume as we dry out. There could be some lodging issues in some areas.

The sugarcane aphid continues to be found in some grain sorghum throughout the West Plains. The maturing sorghum and wet/cooler weather may be less conducive for the sugarcane aphid and may slow their progress. Continue to scout frequently and treat when necessary. Treatments with Transform and Sivanto have been successful when good coverage is achieved.

This will be the last weekly newsletter for the season. I will be implementing harvest aid trials here in a few weeks and will share those results as they become available. Call me at 806 638-5635 if questions.

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