Soybeans and Corn: On-Target Application with Enlist Duo Herbicide

    This summer, growers across the United States are applying Enlist Duo herbicide in their Enlist corn and Enlist soybean fields. They’re getting a firsthand look at how this landmark herbicide offers low drift potential during application. It also provides near-zero volatility in an easy-to-manage system that handles tough-to-control and herbicide-resistant weeds.

    “Right now is an exciting point of the season — crops are looking good, and yield potential is strong in many parts of the country,” says Jonathan Siebert, Enlist field sales leader.  “Farmers can help maintain yield potential by carefully scouting and controlling weeds with a timely postemergence herbicide application.”

    For 2016, growers have planted Enlist corn in a stewarded launch program. They’re also getting a look at Enlist soybeans through the Field Forward program for seed production. These growers are seeing rapid and excellent weed control as well as on-target application with limited drift and near-zero volatility. In addition, they’re finding Enlist Duo offers application timing flexibility. This can help when wet weather, such as many areas experienced in early June, delays growers’ ability to get into the field. Take a look at the postemergence application efforts of some of these growers.

    Scouting weeds before application

    Growers who scout their fields to see what weeds they’re facing can choose appropriate herbicides and time applications for better results. Ideally, you should control weeds when they’re small, before they can steal too many nutrients from the crop. “It’s best to make a postemergence application before weeds reach 6 inches tall,” says Jonathan Siebert, Enlist field sales leader. “This provides the greatest impact and control of tough weeds.”

    A herbicide with key advantages

    Growers who plant Enlist corn and Enlist soybeans can apply Enlist Duo  herbicide, which combines new 2,4-D choline and glyphosate for excellent control of tough weeds. Enlist Duo can be a vital part of a program approach to weed control along with a burndown and a preemergence herbicide with residual activity resulting in three or more modes of action in the total program.

    Experiencing drift reduction technology

    In a series of Dow AgroSciences lab tests, Enlist Duo herbicide with Colex-D technology shows significantly lower physical drift than DGA dicamba or traditional 2,4-D. Growers are getting the benefit of this reduced drift in their fields. “I’m very impressed. There were no signs of off-target movement,” says Steve Bireline, a grower in Iowa. “Enlist Duo fell straight down from the boom. It landed right where I intended it to go.”

    Quick, effective weed control

    Enlist Duo herbicide starts to work quickly to control weeds — even tough weeds such as Palmer amaranth, marestail and waterhemp. “The weeds were wilting before we got out of the field with the sprayer,” says Ben Hortenstine, an Illinois grower. Eventually, they end up looking like this one.

    Tough on weeds, gentle on beans

    Enlist Duo herbicide provides growers with valuable flexibility. It requires only a 30-foot downwind buffer to sensitive areas and no buffer for adjacent soybean fields. The product is easy to use and offers many advantages: limited physical drift, near-zero volatility and low odor all while growers report excellent crop tolerance. Most of all, it controls problem weeds and allows growers to manage their crops with attention to detail to realize more of the yield potential in every acre.

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