North Carolina Field Reports: Wet Conditions a Boon to Some, Bane to Others

    Crop Progress and Condition for the Week Ending May 22, 2016.

    Extension Comments

    Julia Houck – Ashe – Alleghany County Extension
    Rains received this week have been very beneficial as they were slow rains and not washing rains. Temperatures have been cool for this time of year. The rains have delayed corn and tobacco planting and cutting of hay.

    Janice Nicholson – Rutherford County Extension
    Rutherford County is finally getting rain with 2 – 3 inches already reported and more expected this weekend. Corn, tomatoes and peppers are being planted and soybeans should be going into the ground soon. The first cutting of hay is currently being harvested.

    Joey Knight – Caswell County Extension
    With the excessive rainfall several tobacco growers are waiting to get back in the fields for transplant completion. Strawberry growers have had high yields this year but have lost a lot of fruit due to too much rain causing fruit rot. It’s been a tough Spring trying to harvest hay this year. A lot of home garden diseases are popping up because of the excessive moisture and cool temperatures.

    Gary Cross – Person County Extension
    Quite a bit of rain has corn starting to denitrify. Tobacco planted and is very wet, some plants have been damaged. Wheat continues to worsen due to rain. Hay cutting is delayed due to rain and wet fields. Soybean planting is delayed due to wet fields.

    Don Nicholson – Agronomist Region 7
    Rains are limiting field work but growers have taken advantage of their opportunities. Field conditions are very moist at this time.

    Paige Burns – Richmond County Extension
    Conditions have been cooler, misty, and rainy. Some hail in the area. Strawberry crops have been adversely affected.

    Brian Parrish – Harnett County Extension
    Sweet potato, soybean, and peanut planting continues. Pastures and hay fields are looking good. Have noticed a lot of newly sprigged acres of coastal bermuda grass this year across county. Overall crops continue to look good at this point due to timely rains.

    Roy Thagard – Green County Extension
    Cool wet conditions limiting growth of emerged crops. Some tobacco especially is showing signs of yellowing in the bud due to cloudy conditions. There is concern about root diseases in emerging soybean, peanut and cotton seedlings. There is also concern with shallow rooting should it turn hot and dry suddenly.

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    Mac Malloy – Robeson County Extension
    Small grains are senescing. Corn crop looks really good for the most part. Cool wet weather has slowed cotton, peanut, and tobacco growth and field work. Growers are racing to get the rest of cotton acreage planted. Soybean will pick up with dry weather in forecast. In need of some warm nights and dry weather. Bermuda has also been delayed significantly.

    Howard Wallace – Hoke County Extension
    Lots of rain this week combined with cooler temps have stalled cotton and peanut plantings. Corn growth has stalled due to the cooler weather. Stands still look good, however.

    Mark Seitz – Pender County Extension
    Heavy showers/thunderstorms throughout the week delayed soybean planting progress. Field corn stand uniformity is suffering from standing water. Blueberry farmers are struggling to find labor to pick berries and are having to machine harvest earlier than planned.

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