Louisiana Floods: Options For Taking Out Corn Ahead Of Replanting

Photo: Flooding this week in West Carroll Parish in Northeast Louisiana. Photo by Hank Jones, C&J Ag Consulting, Pioneer.

Producers in Louisiana have planted a great number of acres of corn in the last two weeks of February and into early March. Unfortunately, the recent excessive rainfall received in north and central Louisiana may cause the need to replant corn. I have received calls recently concerning termination of 1st plant corn.

A good option is an application of clethodim. However, there are 1, 2, and 3 lb ai/gal formulations currently available and all are not labeled for corn burndown. Be sure to check the label for wording that expressly allows this application. It may also be on a supplemental label. For example, this application is not on the Select Max label, but there is a supplemental label for this application. Any application not on a label or supplemental label is illegal.

If clethodim is utilized to kill 1st plant corn, only 0.0469 lb clethodim/acre is allowed. Using a 1 lb/gal for-mulation, the rate is 6 oz of product/acre. A 2 lb/gal formulation is 3 oz of product/acre and a 3 lb/gal for-mulation is 2 oz of product/acre. Regardless of the formulation used, there is a 6 day replant restriction be-fore corn can be replanted. Please understand that if greater than labeled rate of clethodim/acre is applied, the replant restriction for corn increases to 30 days.

Also be aware that clethodim can have residual soil-activity, thus killing the replanted corn, if greater than the labeled rate of clethodim is used and/or corn is replanted in less than 6 days.

Other options are paraquat at 0.625 lb ai/acre (i.e. Gramoxone SL at 40 oz/acre) plus metribuzin at 3 oz/acre or diuron at 1 pt/acre or atrazine at 1 pt/acre. Corn can be replanted immediately after this application. However, good coverage is essential and, even then, the grower may not realize complete control. Probably the best option, but not the most popular, is tillage. Actually busting the corn seed or plant off the top of the bed.

Please call with questions. My mobile number is 318-308-7225.

Louisiana Flooding, 2016

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