Happy Valentine’s Day – A Sensitivity Issue?

A group of farmers’ wives regularly met for coffee on Friday mornings in a small Florida Panhandle town. On the first Friday in February their conversation turned to Valentine’s Day.

Several ladies discussed the effort, or lack of effort, their husbands had made in the past for Valentine’s Day. They concluded that since their spouses regularly attended farmer meetings, maybe it was time to have one on sensitivity training.

They took their idea to the local Family and Consumer Science (FCS) agent who knew this group of ladies well.  The FCS agent asked, “When was the last time you told your husbands that you loved them?”  One answered today, another yesterday, and the others mumbled and couldn’t remember. The FCS Agent said, “I think that you all have a great idea, but I suspect it would be better to have a training for married couples, not just for the husbands.” The response was: “Oh no, we’re not the problem!”

At that point, the FCS agent said, “OK let’s do a little exercise to test your theory. Take out your cell phones and send the following text to your husband: “I love you sweetheart.”

The husbands’s responses ranged from bewilderment to suspicion:

“I love you too, are you OK?”

“I am busy. Don’t beat around the bush. Just tell me what you want to buy?”

“I thought we agreed you wouldn’t drink during the day.”

“Is your mother coming to visit again?”

“What Now! Did you wreck the car again?”

“Who did you intend to send this to, I will kick his butt!”

After much laughter, the ladies made a group decision that a class for married couples should be held sometime before Valentine’s Day.

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