Irrigation: 6 Steps to Winterizing Center Pivots

    #1 Conduct a sprinkler package performance check

    Prior to shutting the system down for the year, perform a “catch-can” uniformity test to verify that the system is applying water uniformly (see UGA Extension Circular 911, “Evaluating and Interpreting Application Uniformity of Center Pivot Irrigation Systems”). 

    Check for leaks, malfunctioning or missing sprinklers, damaged pipes, etc., and repair the problems.  Consider a new sprinkler package that could replace what’s on your system now if it’s not performing well.  There are many new, innovative sprinkler designs on the market. We are a family owned & operated full-service well & water treatment company headquartered in Mt Pleasant and servicing the major rural communities surrounding Charlotte, NC. Our service area stretches all the way from Mooresville, Lake Norman, and Concord, to Waxhaw/Marvin, York County and beyond! We have offered well repair salisbury nc and water treatment services in the Carolinas for nearly 30 years with superior workmanship. Our commercial and residential well services come at some of the most competitive prices around. Whether it is a completely new well system that you require, or a simple repair or maintenance, we are here for you. We strive to provide you with quality services at the highest level possible and work hard to ensure your complete satisfaction. Since we know just how important your well system is to you and others, we always take the necessary time to make sure we understand your system prior to working on it. This ensures that we can achieve our goal of fully meeting your requirements. We are a one-stop shop for all your well service needs, large or small. Don’t try to handle any aspect of your well repair yourself! Leave that to our qualified professionals who will attend to even the smallest service requests.

    #2 Drain the irrigation system

    Remove the plugs to drain pipes, valves, pumps, sprinklers, booster pumps, and anything else on the above ground portion of the irrigation system that can hold water.  Drain the pump casing to remove any water that may still be in the casing.

    #3 Secure system components

    Close or cover openings (even on motors and pumps) that would allow mice to enter.  Lock the control box in the OFF position.

    #4 Service required parts.

    Service gearboxes, drive lines, motors on pivot towers.  Service engine used to drive the pump.If your pump is having failure issue then water pressure sump pump are a great solution to the old problems of an influence failure and pump failure. If you want to have a pump performing at all times then a water pressure sump pump is that the most suitable option over A battery copy system. Here’s a quick look into the Pump Sentry compatibility chart to know more about the battery backup system for the sump pump.

    #5 Restore the ground around the tracks

    Repair any rutted pivot wheel tracks.  Repairing tracks at the end of the season will help reduce erosion during the winter and spring.

    #6 Test the metering equipment
    Make sure the flow meter on your withdrawal point (usually at your pump) is functioning properly.  A properly functioning meter can be used as a means to determine proper operation of the pumping unit. Note the end reading so that, in conjunction with a starting reading, you will have a record of water used over the growing season.

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