Peanut News: North Carolina Shelling Plant to Close; Rains a Mixed Blessing for New Mexico – AgFax

North Carolina peanut shelling plant to close in February

Lauren K. Ohnesorge reports on that the Golden Peanut and Tree Nuts shelling plant in Aulander, North Carolina, will be shutting its doors in February. Golden Peanut and Tree Nuts is a subsidiary of Archer Daniels Midland.

The plant’s 81 employees were notified Thursday of the decision, and will be offered severance packages. The closing will also affect area peanut growers as Archer Daniels Midland will no longer purchase peanuts from buying points that supplied the plant.

Archer Daniels Midland said the reason for closing the plant was that they “did not see a viable long-term path toward this facility meeting [their] returns objectives.”

New Mexico peanut growers enjoy good growing season, suffer from wet harvest

Darrell J. Pehr of New Mexico State University reports on the Albuquerque Journal that New Mexico enjoyed a very productive growing season thanks to plentiful rains. The growing season saw 30 inches of rainfall, nearly double the average of 18 inches per year and substantially higher than the last few years.

For growers that were able to plant early, the crops has turned out fantastic. For others, further rains during the Fall has delayed harvest and caused discoloring. Fortunately there is likely to be little loss in yields or quality, though growers may miss out on a premium for brightly-colored nuts.

Yields for the year are anticipated at an average 3200 pounds per acre, with production value estimated to $30-40 million for the state’s growers.

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