Rice – California’s Calrose Wins 2015 “World’s Best Rice” Award

the world's best rice

California’s Calrose rice has won the “World’s Best Rice” award for 2015. A presentation was made in late October at the 7th Annual World Rice Conference, which was held this year in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Calrose beat out the reigning champion over the last three years, Cambodia/Thai Fragrant Jasmine rice, to become the newly crowned global rice quality champion.

The winning rice was chosen from a field of around 25 entries submitted by delegates from rice growing countries around the globe. The “World’s Best Rice” is decided by a panel of experts and international chefs in a “blind” process, meaning judges did not know which entrant they were evaluating. Samples were judged on the basis of taste, although members of the panel evaluated to varying degrees the smell, feel and look of the entries.

“This win is a result of over 100 years of variety development by the California Rice Experiment Station, coupled with top-notch farming practices and an excellent warehousing-milling system,” said Jeremy Zwinger, CEO of the California-based The Rice Trader and chairman and host of the conference. “Within the amazing diversity of the global rice industry, it is a pleasure to see the excitement and excelling quality the California industry brought to the table for this year’s contest. While many countries throughout the globe would like to take the prize, for the next year, this title is held solely by California.”

The World's Best Rice - judging process.

The World’s Best Rice – judging process.

Past winners of the World’s Best Rice include: 2014 Joint Winners: Thai Hom Mali and Cambodia Fragrant; 2013 Joint Winners: Cambodia Fragrant and California Calrose; 2012: Cambodia Fragrant; 2011: Paw Son Rice, Myanmar; 2010: Red Ant Brand Thai Jasmine Rice; 2009: Royal Umbrella 100% Thai Jasmine Rice.

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